08 August 2011

Seven virtues - temperance

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Mark grins as he produces a bottle for the party. "I nicked the brandy. Mum will never miss it."

I take an interest in my lemonade as he pours the liquor into the punch bowl. It disappears, swallowed by the orange juice and cherryade.

He offers me a cupful. "You man enough?"

"You know we're not allowed." I'm sticking with lemonade.

"Stay home next time, loser." He drinks the whole cupful and takes more. His friends crowd round him, wanting some too. They don't even taste the pee I put in the brandy this afternoon.

Mark and his idiot friends 0 - loser little brother 1


  1. It's hard to make me laugh out loud (terribly shy), but you did with that last line. I have to show this to my friends, hah!

  2. Snickering at my desk! Brilliant, I love the voice you've got going on here. And the sibling sneakiness. Great take on it.

  3. OMG! that's great! What a way to get back... I wonder if their breath smells like ammonia ?

  4. Love it, great take/twist on the refraining from partaking :D

  5. I also love it because Temperance is about moderation, so he's a little good with not drinking, and a little bad with peeing in everyone else's drink. Temperance.


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