11 August 2011

Seven virtues - patience

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This is my favourite one of the seven. I would probably have put it first or last if we weren't doing them in a specific order this time.


William lines the tiles up one by one in a long serpentine of black and white, the spots forming an infinite mathematical equation that describes the universe in a way he doesn't quite understand. When it is finished he will know what no man was meant to and he will control everything. The world will know him as God and he will be merciful as they cower at his feet.

"Time for your medication, Mr Davis."

The opening of the doors sets the dominos to falling in a gentle ripple of numbers.

"Oops, was that me?" the nurse asks.

William sighs and sets the first domino upright again.


  1. You've succesfully made me laugh. I love contrast between "All powerful god!" and the "old man playing with dominos". I can see why this is your favorite one :)

  2. Very nice, especially since whether he's right or not I love the personality that takes such set-backs to such grand designs in stride.

  3. I really like this. You've packed so much into such a small word count and made an enjoyable story. Well done!


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