12 August 2011

Seven virtues - kindness

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It is a burden beyond telling to know that the world is going to end. Lauren weeps for mankind as they ignore the sermons of her leader, his pleas to repent and to give. Every day he preaches in front of the camera, strong and handsome enough to stop her heart, but the credit card pledges are paltry. A few hundred believers will not avert the fires of the apocalypse.

She takes a deep breath and pours the poison into the fresh water pumping station. She cannot prevent the deaths to come, but at least she can make them painless for a few.


  1. It's scary how a persons views of life can become so twisted that they consider killing a kindness. You've captured that well, the words sent shivers down my back.

  2. This is totally awesome. I love how twisted this is! It's scary because it's so real.

  3. Good thing I only drink bottled water :-) lol Great job!

  4. I said it with Antimony's post and it's still true here, those who honestly believe killing to be a kindness are absolutely chilling to me. Such a creepy vibe I couldn't begin to reason with them. Well captured. And especially creepy in this case that it sounds like she believes him because she fancies him--very personality cult like in that regard.

  5. Sad and creepy and unfortunately too close to reality. It's a powerful story.


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