07 August 2011

Seven virtues - chastity

Linkies to all the participants here

Oh nightmare, for I am Not Ready For Kickoff. I wanted to have all my posts cued up and ready to go, but instead my first one is just going to scrape under the wire. They are all scribbled on paper - a weekend spent sitting on a hillside at Gatcombe Park writing microfic while watching the cross country was blissful - but I just got in and I'm going to be typing feverishly.

I plan to read all of the other stories, but I have just entered into an agreement with someone to beta read each other's manuscripts, so I may save the commenting for a few day's time. I am playing though, honest!

Titles went by the wayside this time - I'm just going to use the virtues as titles and call it done.

And so, off we go with:


Dora strokes the cat sitting on her lap as she waits. "Now you have to be good. No getting jealous." He is about to lose his spot in her bed, his for too many years; guilt makes her squeeze him until he mews in protest.

She hesitates at the knock on the door, not wanting to appear flustered when she answers it, but the postman doesn't even look at her as he hands her the box and walks on.

She wonders if she should wait another year before opening it, but twenty years of chastity is too many to bear. Eventually, Mr Battery-powered becomes Mr Right.


  1. I know how you feel. (About the writing.) We are moving this month, but I REALLY wanted to play with this challenge. Besides, I can't refuse the chance to make up for my shortcomings during the last challenge.

    This was a rushed effort? Wow, GREAT job if that's really the case. Now, I'm trying to remain virtuous, so I will stifle all comments about "Mr. Right."

    Again, nice work, and nice seeing ya again!

  2. Wow! Great twist at the end... It still amazes me how people fit twists into short stories. I feel like I need pages of set-up before doing a twist. Too bad for the cat though.

  3. Poor kitty, good twist. Doesn't feel rushed, it seems more like a very well thought out story. Which is hard when you have only 100 words to work with.
    Well done :)


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