09 August 2011

Seven virtues - charity

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The boy is delighted with the skateboard. "It has glow in the dark paint," I tell him. "Pretty cool, right?" Giving it away makes me feel warm inside, like it's the best thing I've done in a long time.

I go to different parts of the playground to give the X-box games away; don't want the same people to get everything. I want to see as many happy, smiling faces as possible. Every time someone thanks me I feel good.

Plus it will make it that much harder for my horrible, Barbie-beheading brother to get all his stuff back.



  1. Thanks for the laugh! I feel lucky that my little brother hasn't given away my stuff. Only thrown a robot dinosaur off the balcony. It survived.

    "I don't want the same people to get everything" that sounds so sweet until the last line.

  2. That brother is never getting all of his stuff back, what a tricky twist on charity. "Bonus" Perfect ending, I am still laughing.

  3. Her brother is going to ANNIHILATE all her barbies when he discovers this!

  4. Fantastic! I love her smugness too. Worryingly, I can imagine my daughter doing this!

  5. I love this little revenge story.

  6. Very amusing, and worth a laugh--though feels little less than virtuous and more like the beginning of a war of escalation that will likely end with either death or decisive parental intervention.


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