12 July 2011

#7sins microfic challenge

The seven sins challenge

I'm cheating today. This is more of an opener to something I might carry on with one day.

Beauty and the beast

I gulped my coffee and savoured the pain of the burn as Sasha batted her eyelids at the waiter and smiled her oh so perfect smile with her oh so perfect lips.

She turned the smile on me and murmured something inconsequential about the food before laughing the tinkling laugh that got her whatever she wanted, whenever she wanted. Flight upgrades, free gifts, my boyfriends, anything.

She always did take her looks for granted, ever since we were friends in primary school. The beauty that shone even brighter because she stood next to the beast. She probably couldn’t even imagine a day where it might all be taken away from her and she’d be ugly like me. 

But that was okay.

I could wait.


  1. I like the premise, Not many beauty and the beast tales that have the girl as the one that turns beasty and the beasty friend turn beauty.
    Great idea.

  2. Ugh, yeah I've been that girl. The girl that no one notices because of the shining one standing next to her, not even realising she's manipulating everyone.

    I sure would like to see this extended.

  3. I do hope you extend this, I want to know what she's happy to wait for!

    A x

  4. Oooh sinister! Ending in particular is GREAT. What's she going to do? Tell us, tell us!

  5. Grrr. I hate that girl. I would rather be alone then be with someone like that.

    Well, I guess if you wanted me to dislike her...it really worked!

  6. Sorry I haven't been keeping up... You're doing a terrific job on all of these. I especially like this one. It leaves you wanting more. :)

  7. I like this post. Very interesting. You should definitely think about continuing this story line.

  8. Wow, love the sinister tone at the end. Envy takes things into her own hand sounds like what's coming. If you do continue the story I definitely want to know what happens. So much potential just with those two characters, especially since they are together it makes me think there's something about each other they like on some level... Maybe.

  9. The list you created with "my boyfriends" was brilliant. What an emotional capture. Loved it!

    And what a creative approach to the Beauty and the Beast story.


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