08 July 2011

#7sins microfic challenge

The seven sins challenge

Today's seven sins microfic is brought to you by the letter G.

Eatslim3000TM will change your life

"It's a miracle," the salesman says as Susan writes out the cheque. "Truly negative food. The more you eat, the more weight you lose."

She goes home to gorge herself on Eatslim3000TM Pate and Eatslim3000TM Chocolate Cake, ready to look the way she has always wanted.

* * *

Susan looks in the mirror and traces reverent fingers over her protruding collar bones and the knobs of her hips. So close. Just another month.Maybe an upgrade to Eatslim3000TM Foie Gras and Eatslim3000TM Brie.

She totters to the motorised wheelchair she needs to get around now her leg muscles have wasted, and wonders if the salesman will deliver.


  1. I loved it! Where can I get some of this Eatslim?!

  2. This is cool, it has a hint of magic to it which I think is fascinating.

  3. She's been Dupped! What an interesting perspective, how fun.

  4. What a creative slant! I LOVED this.
    "reverent fingers" EXCELLENT!

  5. Another very excellent delve into the Deadly Sin, where the sin itself ends up being the cause of (presumable) death. Starting to think I didn't make mine deadly enough.
    In particular I like having a glutton that isn't fat, because I think the sin gets overlooked a lot in those who abuse food without being fat.

  6. Thanks so much for the comments, guys. It's really nice to meet you all.

    @Antimony You wouldn't believe how long it took me to come up with a name that wasn't a real diet product. There is a dodgy diet product for pretty much every name I could think of.

  7. Wow. Great concept. I'll be back tomorrow.

  8. I really enjoyed the inversion here (though I also had the thought, 'I need a packet of that' ;). Look forward to seeing the next one!

  9. Wonderful idea to write it like this!!
    I can't get enough of all the creative writers in this challenge!


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