06 December 2011

Divine Hell blog challenge - Limbo

Oops. It's past midnight. I wonder if my flash story will turn into a pumpkin? A limbo pumpkin. What would a limbo pumpkin look like? Pale, maybe. Wraithlike. Anyway...


The letters on the sheet in front of me swim and ripple into new configurations as I stare at them with stinging eyes. There is nothing here that means anything, nowhere I can insert the crowbar of my mind and twist.

I have not passed. The vehicle of my future will stall here.

But, until I walk out, neither have I failed. I occupy interstitial space, where nothing is decided.

I turn my gaze to the clock and will time to stop, will my mind to have this new power to make up for my failure in mathematics.

Just… stop.


  1. That's perfect! Says so much in so few words. Love it!

  2. p.p.s. Generation gap? Because to me a limbo pumpkin is all bent over backwards trying to get its big pumpkin belly under that pole...

  3. Numbers can be a bit hard to get your head around...

  4. Hey, good to be in another Antimony challenge together!

    I definitely like the math test as Limbo. All those nightmares about tests really are windows into hell.

    I especially like the image of the "insert the crowbar of my mind and twist." Such a fun way to describe problem solving.

  5. Reading this at school. I'm certain many of the students would find themselves in your story.
    Love the imagery your words create.

    When I hear limbo I think of the dance. I think a limbo pumpkin would fit Dee's description XD


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