24 September 2011

The madness, it is contagious

Seriously? Two more Versatile Blogger nominations? Be kind to Glitterlady and Charitygirl. They appear to be somewhat confused.

Now I have to come up with some more things about myself that won't make people step away slowly. This sounds like a job for *drumroll* ex-EHOgirl.

1.  I once stapled my thumb, all the way in, and had to stay silent because an asshole was ranting at me on the phone about my inspection of his cafe. I would rather staple my thumb again than talk to that man.

2. I haven't eaten a doner kebab since I saw one of them raw when I was doing a restaurant inspection (a different one).

3. I once demonstrated exactly why you have to mark up fully glazed doors with a sight bar, by walking smack into one. At the end of a health and safety inspection.

4. I was once cross examined in court for half a day about a box I ticked on a form as a student. Definition of not fun.

5. I am currently climbing out of a fit of the sads that left this post in draft up to here for a couple of weeks. Excuses: I haz them.

6. I sometimes question how wise it is to seek publication given the damage the journey can do to your day job, your family and your mental health. You are free to read this together with the previous point and draw your own conclusions.

7. I have a very awesome day job, which deserves to have far fewer distractions in the form of pretty, publishing butterflies dancing just out of reach.

And I now aim this shiny blog award at: Dee, who can write a haiku for any occasion. You now get to blog with seven facts about yourself and nominate someone else. I've seen several versions now of how many recipients, so I'm going with up to five.


  1. Oh, you beeotch! I'm so versatile that I can't make up my mind about anything. Now I've gotta think up some shi... stuff. And figure out some people. It's like work!

    But really, thanks for passing on the award. :)

    Love ya, babe!

  2. You guys don't have doner kebab? Check out the ultimate in junk food:


    My arteries thanked me when I stopped eating it. These days I have a lean shish kebab without any heavy sauces, just lemon juice.

  3. Well, now I don't have to ask about doner kebab. Sounds like donated body parts. Scary. Regarding your points and the last few posts, we all go through bad times for writing. Your day job does sound fun (I'm a trained clinical lab scientist specializing in microbiology). I now work at writing from home, but it still comes after family and Boy Scouts and church and choir, etc. My choice. But with your wit you need to keep it up. Your post is funny, seriously, if that isn't any oxymoron. You need to tackle Rachael's 2nd challenge. Open 'til Oct 3rd, so there's time. I'm number 52.

  4. I keep thinking about the second challenge, but the prompts just make my brain melt. I don't plan to quit writing, but I'm seriously re-thinking the plan to submit to agents. It's not working for me at the moment.


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