29 September 2011

Conference time

I am writing this blog post in my current very favourite place in the whole world. It's a little laboratory just off the hospitality lounge where conference goers have lunch and what makes it my favourite place in the world, is that I'm at this conference and I have a key. Since the conference is chock full of exciting equations, I will put this in equation form too:

Conference = lots of strangers.
Lots of strangers + lifelong social anxiety = Acute social anxiety.
Acute social anxiety + key to bolt hole = Foregone conclusion = Rosie holes up like a rat with her plate of sandwiches.

There has to be something wrong with hiding away at a conference so that you can post about how much you are looking forward to another conference, but this next one is my first Fantasycon. The only thing I know for sure about it is that this time I won't have a key to a convenient bolthole. Not unless I mug a cleaner, anyway. That seems extreme, so I'm putting my faith in the fact that they have a first timer programme and that a friend is going too. I met her on twitter and she's giving me a lift to the hotel.

So, going through my checklist:

-  Programme of events, check.
-  Too many clothes for one weekend, check.
-  Pretty business cards that make me look more like a romance writer than a fantasy writer, check.
-  Copies of Helliconia Spring and Salvage Rites to sign in case I get a chance to stal... bump into some writing idols, check.

As long as Mhairie doesn't bring an axe, I think I'm good.


  1. OMG, babe, have a wonderful time! And don't be so frickin' modest, shy, or retiring. Talk yourself up! You're GOOD, and you deserved to be published!!

    All us Breakaway Babes will be rooting for you!


  2. Ah, how do I love my Dee, let me count the ways...

    I am going to try my very hardest to talk to people, because I do like talking to people. Just in small quantities at a time.

  3. Too many clothes for one weekend is always a check, too bad I'm not there, I'd talk your ear off and act like we'd been friends forever.

  4. Oh man, you have no idea how much I would love that. Sure you don't want to come?

  5. LOL, if I could escape for a few minutes from the conferences I attend, I totally would! Too many people = me looking for places to hide :)

    Do have fun tho!

  6. I'm right there with you, Rosie! The one with her nose in a book so she doesn't have to socialize/make a social faux pas? That's me (or a version of me!)

  7. So it's looking like a writerly thing to want to hide in a corner faced with large numbers of people. You guys are making me feel a lot better about this. :)


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