09 October 2009

Um... oops?

The workplace mystery of who made 200 photocopies of the same map and left them in the tray of the new copier has been solved. Note to self: If you press the number keys and you don't get the 200% magnification you expected, you are probably about to print 200 pieces of scrap paper.


  1. LMAO... I did that once, but I was standing at the copier waiting for my copy, so I stopped it at 14 useless copies.

  2. Lol! But I bet it made very pretty scrap paper!

    I get my printing done professionally for manuscripts and when they screwed up my last one, they said they would reprint and keep the old one for scrap. No can do. There's no way I was leaving my manuscript. I can see them now, sitting in the back on their break, laughing at my smutty manuscript.

    I only let agents and publishers laugh at my manuscripts, thank you.

    Love the blog, babe!

  3. *snort*


    And thanks. Funny how having a blog results in an immediate lack of things to talk about though.


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