03 October 2009

Oooh, shiny

So many new toys, so few computing skills.

This is my new home since I've decided that I've seen as much of those irresponsible 'magic bullet' diet ads as I can stomach on my livejournal. Time to take my flowery ramblings and literal shaggy dog stories to a place that doesn't promise dangerously fast weight loss and the miraculous return of lost youth. I plan to play with the features for a while before posting in earnest.

No doubt there will be random, nauseating changes in colour and continual tinkering with profiles, paragraphs and pictures until I get the hang of it.

And here I will stop, since the middle dog is giving me pleading looks that speak of starvation and neglect. It's all of four hours since he last ate, the poor waif.


  1. Will you feed us too? Other than a McDonald's burger a piece, and a half pound of hotdogs, we haven't had ANYTHING to eat for five hours!

    The Muddy Paws Pack

  2. All right! You're getting the hang of it. This site is pretty easy, tho I must admit I mess with the html code sometimes, geek that I am. Wish I could get rid of the really bright pink on the sides of mine, but no luck with that one, and I like the rest of the pink.

    Anyway, yay Rosa! Welcome to blogspot!


  3. I can't stop tinkering. It's like a disease.


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