19 October 2011

Microfic win

I love microfic. It's a great way to keep writing when you're contemplating whether to print off your manuscript just so that you can set fire to it. To keep my fingers away from the matches I've been playing the Tuesday Tales at Glitter Word for a while and it's really good fun. Weekly 100 word microfic competition based on a photograph and a prompt word.

And this week, I won! Yay! Thanks to Stevie for a gorgeous pic and to Lady Antimony for accepting the bri judging. Go read the other entries too. Lots of awesomeness there.  I think the pic brought out the poet in everybody this week.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Prompt word: Ensorcell

The girl sits on the opposite bank and watches me through hair that curls like water weed. Her bare skin glistens with the pond water that drips onto the grass.

“Are you a witch?” I ask. “Here to ensorcel me?”

She tilts her head to listen to the sound and smiles at me.

“Will you talk?”

She smiles again, showing needle-sharp teeth made to tear and rend, and slips into the water. I should be running. Instead I lean over to look for her, a pale wraith in the reeds.

Her smile widens as she drags me into her pond.


  1. Good haul, Rosie, and well-deserved! This was a spooky read.....brrrrrr....

  2. You seem to be a natural when it comes to rendering visions of ...well...rendering. ;-)

    I wonder why that is, eh?

    Seriously, another lovely gem from you,

  3. Just perfect. It's so hard to tell a story with so few words, but your 100 words are worth 1,000. Congrats, babe!


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