16 June 2011

Microfic time - lost

I had to do 100 words on the theme of 'Lost' last week. It get's tricky when the word count goes that low. I was amazed how much people could pack into it. I opted for monologue as a strategy.

Under the Bed


Look under the bed.

Under. The. Bed.

No, not in your sock drawer. When have I ever been anywhere near your sock drawer? I'm down here, behind the crisp packet.

It's really nasty under here. You know that, right?

Look, this is getting us nowhere. Get your mum to help.

No, I'm not behind the radiator. How would I even fit... oh. So that's where my boots went. Right.

That's it! Just reach a bit further in. Mind the old apple... yeah. That.

Finally! Action Man reporting for duty. Let's get this battle started. But first, find me some bloody clothes.


  1. LOL, it's amazing how much you can convey with just 100 words. Excellent writing!

    But I've gotta say, having never heard of Action Man, the pic helps... :)

  2. His knees leave something to be desired, don't they ;)

  3. I loved this the first time I read it!

  4. Yeah, I think he needs to schedule more leg time in his workout.


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