24 February 2011

When books and families collide

The Boy has de-railed me in his candy sledgehammer Boy way.

The Boy: Mummy, are you going to write another book when you finish this one?
Rosie: That's the plan. Daddy is even going to build me a little office in the loft.
The Boy, in wobbly voice: I like it better when we do stuff together.
Rosie: *feels like the worst mother in the world*

I confess I don't know what to do next. Do I stop writing until he's a vile teenager who will be happy not to spend time with his mother? What if he stays this sweet forever?


  1. Aww, you're such a good mom... And what if he stays this sweet forever? What are you smokin', babe? LOL, the proverbial snowball's chance. But just in case he does, I've found bribes work best. :)

  2. Yeah, we can but dream. Deep down, I know this looms in my future.



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