22 October 2010

Oh son? A word?

There is no picture to accompany this post. The reasons will become apparent shortly.

The Boy is in trouble when I get home.

I use my own camera when I need to take photographs at work because it's easy to use. That being the case, the last time I needed to take it out on a job, I downloaded all the holiday photos already on it and dumped them in a folder on my work computer so that I could put them on a memory stick later and take them home. I forgot about them until today.

ROSA: It is lunchtime. It is cold out. I know, I will read blogs at my desk while I eat this sandwich.
ROSA: Maybe my blog could stand a new post too.

Rosa thinks for a while.

ROSA: Posts are hard. Posts are work. Maybe I'll just add some pictures along the bottom instead. I have photos on this computer.

Rosa looks at the holiday pictures in the personal folder on her work computer.

SON OF ROSA AND FRIEND: Hey, did you ever wonder what happened when you left the camera unattended in the tent and went for a massage? Observe these photographs of our bare bottoms.
ROSA: This is my WORK COMPUTER! I am so fired.
SON OF ROSA: And here are some photographs of my winkle.
ROSA: Never mind fired, I am going to prison.

The Boy is in sooo much trouble when I get home.


  1. LMAO! Oh, well, kids will be kids. And lucky for me there were no digital cameras when mine were little. Though we do have a loverly video of Molly singing and dancing in her nightie and ending by turning around and flipping up the back of the nightie to reveal the bare bottom.

    LOL, the joys of motherhood.


  2. OMG!
    That is priceless!
    Especially because it didn't happen to me.....
    I hope you have him enrolled in music or juggling lessons, because if his little stunt gets you canned (punny there :) ), he's going to be supporting the family by busking on street corners.


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